Seven tools for a seamless and superior customer experience

Seven tools for a seamless and superior customer experience

In the digital first age, a superior customer experience has become a critical selling point for businesses. Where price and product were once the main drivers for customer loyalty, today’s customers are spoilt for choice. They base their opinion on the kind of customer experience a brand offers- 73% of consumers say a good experience influences their brand loyalties.1

For companies the task of keeping their customers happy has become even more onerous since they need to be consistent across multiple touchpoints. But those that do, definitely reap the benefits, and enjoy 4% to 8% higher revenues.2

Here is a comprehensive suite of Adobe services powered by NVISH that can make the entire customer experience journey seamless, right from understanding consumer behavior, targeting the right audience through the right channel, devising the right sales strategies, converting prospects into customers and engaging and retaining them.

Adobe Audience Manager: Imagine if you could read your customers’ minds, know what they want to buy and where they want to buy it from? Since you can’t, the next best thing would be to get deep insights into customer behaviour, which can help you deliver highly personalized campaigns and increase your chances of conversion. The Adobe Audience Manager consolidates rich data from across sources, multiples channels and devices and gives you a comprehensive view on your audience more efficiently.

Adobe Target: After you have identified the right audience you need to reach out to them at the right time through the right channel, and Adobe Target does precisely that. A rule-based testing and targeting tool, it gives marketers all the data they need to reach out to the right customer base across all touchpoints.

Adobe Experience Manager: In targeted campaigns, speaking to customers in their preferred language makes a huge difference. NVISH’S team of Adobe-certified professionals can help you leverage Adobe Experience Manager and create more personalized experiences across multiple digital touchpoints. AEM makes it easier to design, develop, manage and optimize websites and mobile apps across multiple languages.

Adobe Analytics: As marketers, you need to have a handle on whether you are on the right track or if you need to revisit some aspect of your campaign. Adobe Analytics implementation services can optimize your campaign touchpoints, and give you insights on strategy and planning, goals and other metrics.

Adobe Campaign: How do you target the omnipresent customer? The answer: through multi-channel campaigns. Adobe Campaign helps execute automated campaigns across a range of channels, including mobile, social, email and other offline channels.

Adobe Marketo: NVISH-certified Marketo experts can help you create the right strategies, drive sales and generate faster ROI by using the Marketo Engagement Platform for end-to-end campaign management and reporting.

Adobe Magento: An increase in traffic and increase in demand are a good thing, except when you don’t have the right support to deal with them. Magento Commerce Cloud gives you the flexibility to scale effortlessly and meet the demands generated by an unexpected increase in traffic.

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