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Database applications are the fundamental building blocks of information management. Seamless execution of these database applications helps in streamlining and organizing the business operations of an organization, thus forming the solid foundation for a lucrative business. Ever wondered what will happen if this foundation is weak? Probably your customers will make the shift towards competitors for a better user experience.

Why Database & Platform Testing ?

It is critical to test your applications on the respective database and platforms. A rigorously tested database is a requisite to execute all the online and offline management of information effortlessly. NVISH leverages its extensive experience and cross-platform expertise to deliver a diverse set of software testing and QA solutions ensuring that end-users are able to manage and fetch the information effortlessly.

Our Fundamental Approach

Test Strategy

Laying down a clear test strategy and identification of right tools based on your project requirements.


Close analysis of database outline to generate information overview and preview of testing conditions and objectives.

Test Database

We generate test database and cases to ensure that you get the maximum out of your investments.

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