Mobile Analytics

For a marketing strategy to succeed, it ought to be data-driven. Further, with people moving to mobile devices from desktops to search for queries, mobile-specific marking strategies play a crucial role when it comes to targeting mobile customers. NVISH leverages its expertise across a variety of analytics tools and data analysis strategies to build impressive marketing strategies and show you exactly how audience is using your app and how they react to your marketing campaigns.

Digitial Transformation

Why Mobile Analytics?

With important statistics at your hand, you can easily evaluate and analyze the performance of your mobile app. It is exactly where mobile analytics come handy. NVISH mobile analytics services aim to give you important insights in the form of data (traffic, visitors) so that you can tweak your strategy based on your visitors, interest and engagement with the app.

Key Differentiators

Rich Experience

Vast Expertise

Tagging mobile based websites and mobile applications; A/B testing of the in-app messaging, push messaging text, and call-to-actions.

Dedicated Support

Powerful Reporting

See how your app is doing at all times through summary stats, industry benchmarking, flexible filtering and more.

Comprehensive Reporting

Custom Dashboards

NVISH provides you quick insights through elaborate weekly and monthly performance dashboard for mobile channel visitors.