Custom Content Delivery Accelerator

Custom Content Delivery Accelerator

The Custom Content Delivery Accelerator (CCDA) helps manage different partners, vendors and resellers inside AEM. As per allowed permissions, partners can access the content of specific pages and/or modules. These permissions can be managed easily through the user-friendly interface provided by the CCDA tool. However, there are many manual steps involved which are error prone. Therefore, there is a need for efforts to write a custom code. So, after taking this into consideration, Nvish has developed a connector which can help accelerate this process using the CCDA tool.

Goals and Objectives

. Reduce the effort for filtering JSON manually.

. Provide a user-friendly interface to manage the content account for vendors/partners.

. Easy mapping of URLs and components against each vendor.

. Content will only be exposed to authenticated vendors.

How AEM Connector works

. Go to AEM Author instance Home page.

. Click on Tools -> Custom Content Delivery.

. This is the CCDA Dashboard.

Manage Vendor Profile

. To create a new vendor in the CCDA, click on ‘Manage Vendor Profiles’. This will then redirect to a new page.

. List of existing vendors will be displayed in left panel.

. Select a vendor from left panel and selected page path(s) are displayed. Here you can add/delete page path(s).

. To add a new vendor, click on “Add Vendor” button available on right corner.

. Enter Vendor Name and click “Add”.

Generate Custom Content

. Select a created Vendor from the drop down.

. List of selected page(s) will be shown, from here select the component(s) for which access is required.

. Click on “Submit”, selected components will be mapped to the Partner/Vendor.

. “Get JSON” will produce the required json for Partner/Vendor, i.e. data from selected components of selected pages.

CCDA provides the endpoints to Partners/Vendors to consume the above generated JSON.

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