Page Properties Migration Utility

Page Properties Migration Utility

Page Properties Migration Utility is a service which will integrate with AEM

to offers the service of inserting the page properties to the AEM pages. Migration is the process of moving your website with all its content from one platform to another. This data migration can either be done manually or in automated manner.

We, at NVISH, have developed a utility which will integrate with AEM and migrate the page properties into AEM in automated manner.

Goals and Objectives

Using this connector, we can automate the process of inserting or updating the page properties. This helps in scaling of resources to meet growing needs of business datasets. Minimizes disruption of daily business operations with minimal manual efforts.

How Migration Utility Works?

Go to the AEM console (aem/start.html).

Click on tools, choose the Migration Utility option from the navigation.

Click on “Page Properties Migration Utility” option.

Now upload the XML file and choose the path where you want to insert the properties.

Click on the “Submit” button.

After clicking the “Submit” button, page properties will be inserted into the given path.

Working of Migration Utility shown below.

Discover more about Page Properties Migration Utility here.

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