AEM AWS CloudSearch Connector

AEM AWS CloudSearch Connector

AEM AWS CloudSearch Connector

Amazon CloudSearch

is a scalable cloud-based search service that forms part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). CloudSearch is typically used to integrate customized search capabilities into other applications. For search to work, a domain in CloudSearch needs to be created and indexing needs to be setup. To accomplish this, there are many manual steps that are to be performed in CloudSearch which can be error prone and requires the extensive knowledge of a different tool.
We, at NVISH, have developed a connector which will connect AEM with AWS CloudSearch and perform operations like Indexing, Stopwords and Synonyms.

Goals and Objectives

AWS CloudSearch connector connects AEM with CloudSearch through admin page from tools tab.

This connector creates a configuration to access AWS CloudSearch under config Mgr.

Using this connector, we can add multi number of page paths which are to be indexed to CloudSearch Domain.

Using this connector, we can re-index all the pages.

Using this connector, we can add Analysis Scheme.

Using this connector, we can add Synonyms as well.

Using this connector, we can add Stopwords as well.

How CloudSearch Connector Works?

Go to AEM Author Config Mgr (system/console/config Mgr)

Click on AWS Cloud Search Global Configuration

Enter AWS CloudSearch Domain Name, Access Key and Secret Key

Go to AEM Author instance Home page

Click on Tools AWS Search

This is AWS CloudSearch Dashboard


To index a new page(s) in the CloudSearch Instance, click on ‘AWS CloudSearch Indexing’ which will redirect to indexing page.

AWS CloudSearch Index page will be open where you can Index Your Page(s) and related operations as shown in the figure.

If ‘Include Child Page(s)’ check box is checked, content of Child page would be indexed.

CloudSearch Analysis Scheme:

Analysis scheme contains stopwords and synonyms.

To edit any existing Analysis Scheme, Select the Scheme Name from dropdown and click Edit.

Update stopwords and synonyms in respective tabs and click update.

To add a new Scheme, click on “Add Analysis Scheme” button.

Enter Scheme Name.

Select language from the “Analysis Scheme Language” dropdown.

Enter new stopwords or synonyms and click on Save.

This connector provides a feature where we can configure AWS CloudSearch synonyms from AEM page.

Discover more about AEM AWS CloudSearch Connector here.

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