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Marketing campaigns

Nextiz develops marketing tactics to ensure that your event is seen by the right people at the right time. Using different pre-event promotional live broadcasts, you can reach the largest possible audience.

  • Enable Sponsered Commercials
  • Execute PPC, influencer marketing
  • Integrate customer surveys, social media channels, and endorsements

Support for thousands of participants

Nextiz offers a centralized platform for digitally organizing events, with the potential to achieve great success for your organization. With our platform, you can explore the possibility of limitless hosting from a single venue.

  • Platform with scalability
  • Extreme personalization
  • Navigate through change management
  • Integrated Tools for marketing technology
Support for thousands of participants
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Whiteboarding during a webinar can be precisely what you need to increase your remote productivity. Invite your team to interact visually to swiftly fix complex issues. Increase attendance at remote kick-offs and brainstorming sessions. Live visuals, which may be added or drawn on as needed to prevent and mitigate, may very well be effective in remote meetings.

  • Enhanced level of engagement and interaction
  • Easy collaboration
  • Promotes an all-inclusive culture
  • Faster solution for complex issues
  • Boosts communication
  • Create engaging presentations

Screen sharings

Through the Webinar screen share tool, you can communicate with your audience and offer sessions remotely using our platform’s screen sharing protocols. In seconds, you may share your screen with other people to deliver presentations more effectively or collaborate on documents. Share the contents of your screen with a single or numerous devices. With safe remote screen sharing software, you may share the full screen or individual program windows.

  • Real-time comparison
  • Boosts communication efficiency
  • Multiple collaboration
  • Increased productivity
Screen sharings
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On-Demand Session Recordings

Pre-record a Webinar and give your audience freedom to choose when to attend it. You can simultaneously record the ongoing webinar and enable it for later download for the attendees. These recordings are archived as on-demand sessions and will help keep your audience engaged while offering them a chance to re-visit the sessions at their convenience.

  • Convenient solution for on-demand Webinar
  • Avoids refund from non-attendees
  • Seamless sharing
  • Highlights and often hypes for a long time

Surveys, Polls & Quizzes

Engage global audience online through live streaming, live polling, live Q&A, tailored agenda, surveys & feedback, activity walls, group chat, and networking, These built-in features help generate genuine audience involvement, resulting in more leads and a high return on investment. Audience contact not only builds trust but also provides value by transforming inactive guests into prospective customers for your company.

  • Time-saving
  • Visible accuracy
  • Offers quick analysis
  • Easy to personalize
  • Enables selective options
  • Flexible distribution
Surveys, Polls & Quizzes
Host Controls img

Host Controls

You may control your Virtual Webinar’s agenda and presenters using our built-in administration tool. Speakers and hosts are given hands-on training on the platform as well as an understanding of the interface navigation before they participate in their virtual event. Portals that are valuable and tailored enable self-service. The sponsor booth and portals have been thoughtfully designed to satisfy the demands of firms seeking to improve branding, and attendee interaction, and provide value to their client relationships with potential customers.

  • Personalized self-service portals
  • Increased attendee contacts with personalized booths
  • Robust client & consumer relationship

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