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Personalized lobby

Because the virtual event lobby is the first page your delegates see when they check in, it’s the ideal spot to promote your brand, content snippets, or even some of your handpicked sponsors. Our in-house experts customize everything from the bottom up to guarantee that its functioning is a great match for your event goals.

  • Offer targeted content
  • Customized materials for participants
  • More branding & awareness
  • More insight into the ideal audience
  • Lead generation

Closed Captioning (CC)

Closed captioning (CC) is an important tool for supporting audience members. This will help with audience engagement and participation throughout the broadcast video. Closed captioning for corporate videos or presentations can be done before the event because most Webcasts are pre-recorded. For individuals who would otherwise lose out on the complete conference experience, this may assist in a better understanding of the presentation.

  • Improves average watch time
  • Enables SEO indexing
  • Helps ESL learners
  • Easier access for people with hearing disabilities
  • Compliance with law and regulations
Closed Captioning (CC)
Webcast moderation img

Webcast moderation

Without any hitches or malfunctions, our team of experts will deliver your webcast to your audience seamlessly. Our trained professionals provide adequate hand-holding throughout the event journey to ensure that your event runs well. Because Webcasts are pre-recorded events, they are rarely affected by internet problems. This makes it simple to display your consumers the best version of your brand.

  • Complete control
  • Easier navigation & moderation
  • Smooth event execution

Live chat integration

With Nextiz you can have a presenter or co-host on hand to help you handle your live chat integrations. Speakers use chats to keep their audience interested during their presentation. They allow audience members and attendance to communicate with the speakers and/or co-hosts in real-time.

  • Enables communication
  • Seamless integration
  • Can answer live questions
  • Easy deliverables
Live chat integration
Highly shareable img

Highly shareable

Regardless of your target demographic, webcasts are a creative and imaginative way to communicate. Any place or device, whether a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone, can view your online broadcasts. Real-time viewing of your session is available to participants. Countless options for involvement provide your audience with highly shareable material.

  • Scopes for viral marketing
  • Shareable on multiple platforms
  • Scalable on cross devices

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