Give a Boost to Your International Search Engine Optimization.

No Matter How Complex The Web Structure Is.

As per the research 90.88% of pages are invisible in Google i.e. they receive no organic search traffic whatsoever.

Be in the other 9.37% with HREFLang Sitemap Generator which is


Serve Targeted Content

Quick and Accurate Mapping

Fully Automated Process

Improve SEO Rankings

Cost Effective

Level-up Your International SEO

What We Offer

Generate Accurate Sitemap & HREFLang Sitemap

Generation of Sitemap & HREFLang xmls as per specific country and languages, via website URL, uploading sitemap XML, sitemap URL & excel with URLs is a cakewalk with us. This is true even for the most complex web structures.

Get Rid of Canonical Issues

Give a boost to your Global SEO by helping search engine crawlers know that the same page is not to be indexed again under different URLs. Identify and do away with canonical issues.

Validate URLs & Generate Reports

Effortlessly scan/validate the URLs of your website to filter errors & capture the status of every URL (404, 301, 302, 304 and 308) and generate reports by status.

Effortless Scheduling and Prompt Notifications

Simply set up the scheduler that will run at a specified frequency to generate the sitemaps and HREFLang XMLs automatically and get notified with an email in your inbox once the request is processed with relevant information

Flexibility and control

Adding custom names for generated files is easy. You get full flexibility and control of URL naming convention for generated files. The names of these files can be configured in the system and files will be generated accordingly.

Push Files on a Single Click

Get the ability to smoothly push the files to an external server on a single click from the Admin console. So, if you want to serve the files from an external server, it is straightforward.

What Makes Us Different?

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With us comes years of experience

We are known for achieving tangible results

Our team is dedicated to your success

We keep the tool updated ahead of time

We offer transparent pricing you can afford

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