Decode Your Audience & Rule The E-Commerce World

Decode Your Audience & Rule The E-Commerce World

Decode Your Audience & Rule The E-Commerce World

Over the years, the face of e-commerce has changed considerably. From products or processes-based model to changing (and getting better) into being extremely customer centric and focused, e-commerce has come a long way. Today, it has all become experience driven.

An experience that uses a variety of images, videos, text, screens, design and words to build a highly impactful story about a brand, going beyond borders and creating completely new ways to connect and convert.

So how do you deliver the best possible customer experience? What should be your first step? Let’s find out:

Know Your Audience

When it comes to experience-based additions basically shopping online, people do not just happen upon your store; they are, instead people who are targeted clearly for particular products and services that are aligned with their shopping needs. Online platforms offer products that are specifically directed to groups based on certain features, qualities and traits that shoppers share. For example, based on group’s preferences, attractions and behaviors. If done correctly, people (who use a product or service) will correlate with the stories you collect and take the decisions you want them to in the customer trip.

The key is to identify the audience and figure out their needs and preferences.

Adobe Experience Manager

is one such customer experience management system that brings out the user profile as one, meticulously analyzes every individual profile and deliver insights to make effective business decisions.Backed-by a powerful team of Adobe certified experts, NVISH takes advantage of AEM to help its customers create personal and more effective ways to communicate with the end-users. Helping them in the process, discover new customer base to build larger audiences.

Create A Personalized Consumer Journey

Having known your audience, the way they relate with your brand, and what triggers the purchase, your next step should be – taking all this valuable audience and customer information and act on it

How do you do that?

No doubt, marketers have been making the use of personalization since the advent of the web – remember Yahoo’s customizable pages in the 90’s.

However, not only have the customer expectations changed over the years but so do have the digital abilities and ways of communicating or channels. It is no longer about special offers but about creating experiences with that personal touch that customers correlate with.

Studies suggest that the early adopters of such technology and techniques to deliver highly personalized experience will have a considerable amount of advantage over brands that do not.

Your business needs to put the customer at the center to successfully out-perform the competition. And if experience-based e-commerce model is something that entices you, you must first fully understand your audience, their needs, wants. preferences and behavior. For this to happen, you will need to provide content – text, fonts, images, that speaks to your customer and that too at a personalized level.

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