How does voice search impact SEO in 2021?

How does voice search impact SEO in 2021?

Alexa, tell me ways to improve marketing on the apt digital platforms?

Cortana, which organizations are acing the AI arena?

Siri, is this the right time to jump in the digital marketing space?

Has the thought of asking such questions to your voice assistant passed your mind? Much less, expecting to get any appropriate answers. However, getting answers to such conversationally worded search queries is even more realistic and more feasible than we may think. Think about your target audience reaching you when asking these sorts of questions and what it could mean for your business. This is where voice search optimization plays a vital role. Have a read through to get an answer to everything you need to know about voice search, it’s impact on your business and further steps.

What is voice search?

Let’s begin with understanding exactly what voice search is. It is basically a technology that allows users to search for queries using verbal commands. Voice search has gotten a considerable boost since the initial launch by Google in 2011, owing to continuous improvements in the speech recognition technology amongst other factors. Today, all the tech giants Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are offering voice activated systems. There has been a further boost in the past year owing to the stay-at-home behavior because of the pandemic. And why not? It is quick, easy, hands-free and allows multi-tasking.

What is the value of optimization as per voice search?

Have a look at these statistics:

The voice recognition tech market reached around 11 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to increase by 17% by 2025.- Statista

Google Assistant, the popular voice-based assistant had over 500 million monthly active users worldwide- Google announcement at CES 2020

A whopping 91% of brands are already investing in voice. – Adobe

About 65% of consumers in the age group 25-49 talk to their voice-enables devices daily- PwC

These stats not just give a glimpse of how important voice-search presently is but also how vital it will be in the coming days. Thus, the time to leverage it for your business is NOW!

How voice search impacts SEO?

An ever increasing voice search is impacting the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies of businesses in a lot of ways. Here’s a list of few of them:

Length of targeted keywords

While using the voice-based search assistant, people generally tend to give commands in full sentences or questions. On the other hand, the type search uses phrases which are shorter as compared to voice search commands. This implies that while optimizing your business for search engines, there is a need to adjust your keywords strategy. The content needs to contain more long-tail keywords to stand out. E.g., if you are in the digital marketing business serving the USA, it would be better for voice search optimization to target keywords like ‘best search engine optimization companies in USA’ rather than SEO agency USA.

Tone of the content

Voice recognition is based on the most basic and generally used form of language. Complicated words make it harder for voice search assistants to find your website. Using words that we use in common everyday language or conversationally worded content on the web pages will be helpful to optimize as per voice search. Moreover, most of the voice searches revolve around interrogatory words like – who, what, how, where and when. If these are made a part of the content strategy, your website is more likely to come on top of the results for the voice-based searches.

Mobile-friendliness of the web pages

Most of the voice search happens on mobile devices and thus it is imperative to focus on the mobile friendliness of your website. The content on web pages shall show up nicely and fit well within the smartphone screen and the user shall be able to easily navigate through it, for a fruitful experience.

The bottom line

It goes without saying that voice search optimization is vital for your business to improve traffic and give your business a competitive foothold. To plan your voice search optimization strategy wisely in 2021, go for a provider that has expertise in the same. At NVISH, our enterprise digital marketing offerings include comprehensive voice search optimization. If you are looking for professional SEO services in USA, specifically to tap the voice searches, write to us at would be happy to help!

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