We Are Getting Christmas Ready. Are You?

We Are Getting Christmas Ready. Are You?

Between everything, the thought of holidays approaching and getting some time off work is definitely something everyone is excited for. Spending time with family and friends, travelling and indulging on some great food (we definitely do not mind some extra pounds here and there).

Christmas has its own vibe, the cold winter days, some hot cocoa, scrumptious feasts and not to forget Christmas Carols, all this just reminds us of our good old childhood days. But hey, who’s stopping you to celebrate Christmas like you did as kids.

We get how work can just sometimes take away all the charm but here are some handy tips that can help you be Christmas ready, already.

. Take it Easy and Avoid Last Minute Chaos – Make sure you complete all your errands at least 10 days in advance. Buying gifts, décor and stacking up on food. Get together with your friends and go out shopping (you might just need help with all those bags we see).

. DIY AKA Do It Yourself – Save money and add a personal touch with DIY Christmas décor. Make use of glass bottles, handmade décor, stockings and everything that you think can add to brighten up your Christmas tree and your home.

. Donate and Celebrate – Be a Santa for someone, who might need a warm Christmas blanket or a jacket more than you. Organize a donation drive (we are doing the same at work) with your friends and colleagues and donate to make a difference with a smile.

. Bake A Cake – Christmas Definitely means, a lot of calories and we don’t mind a little holiday indulgence either. So, instead of standing in a queue at the bakery, bake your own cakes with a lot of chocolate and love to give your loved ones.

. Be Budget Friendly – While a lot of you might have long Christmas gift lists to give and get. We suggest rather than investing on materialistic gifts why don’t you instead invest in spending more time with people you want to be around. Plan a feast at home or travel and give time to that one friend you always wanted to catch up with but work kept you away.

Above all, be Happy because it’s CHRISTMAS

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