Campaign Tracking – Why Is It Important For Your Business

Campaign Tracking – Why Is It Important For Your Business

Campaign Tracking – Why Is It Important For Your Business

Digital ad campaigns

are a part of every organization’s marketing endeavors and rightly so. Digital advertising not only increases reach through diverse platforms but also enables highly accurate targeting. However, launching ad campaigns do involve certain costs, which means that the success of an ad campaign directly depends on ROI.

Your campaign goals could be multifarious; from engagement to registrations to conversions, but without campaign tracking there is no definite way of knowing if your ads are truly profitable. Thus, to record efficacy of campaigns, observe user behavior, make well-informed campaign alterations and to ensure that the money invested in your ad campaigns is yielding returns – campaign Tracking is crucial. Monitoring your digital ad campaigns also gives you in-depth insights about what communication strategy truly works for your target audience, thereby, giving you the advantage of real-time decision-making.

Apart from resulting in super-focused observations and reports, strategically planned campaign tracking can:

Give you accurate user-behavior such as bounce rate, demographic data and duration of visit by protecting you from spam bots and other fraudulent traffic by applying selected filters.

Enable campaign objective lead mapping to goals for ROI measurements by identifying and applying key metrics.

Allow real time distribution of spend to highest performing ads augmenting cost-optimization and time efficiency.

Facilitate seamless addition of IP addresses to your whitelist for management and perseveration of your brand safety parameters.

Help you utilize active view tags to identify true ad impressions by real users of a defined target group, thus giving you a measure of platform accountability.

This rapidly advancing digital industry empowers brands with diverse tools and applications that can help actuate accurate campaign tracking. Below are a few tools that greatly impact your digital marketing efforts:

Google Analytics, Web Trends, Clicky, Gauges, FoxMetrics

With the optimum configuration and goal set-up, these applications can enable the generation of accurate reports that track and measure traffic, conversion and revenue.

Your campaign tracking process begins with creating campaign specific UTM’s using URL builders, this can give you insights about where your traffic came from, how the traffic reached your goal destination and also assists you with user actions (post click) on your website. UTM tags depend on the defined parameters based on unique tracking objectives, however, parameters like campaign source, medium, content and campaign name should always be included.

Getting further into detail about user behavior on your website, campaign analytics give you an understanding of data points like sessions, visits, page views, bounce rate, time spent, lead, sales and other user activity related metrics that define user journey from entry to exit.

Third party tools like DCM, Sizmek, IAS, Moat, Rocketfuel, Gimbal leverage data to access and assess pre-action user behavior to measure campaign performance before any user clicks on the ad. They track crucial parameters like Impressions, Viewable Impressions, Clicks and Views, Reach, Frequency, Dwell Time, and Overlap.

Click and impression trackers let you monitor a diverse amount of marketing activity from actions and conversions to impressions.

These applications can also be used to simplify and convenience pixel implementation and extract enriched data using U variables.

Running A/B tests for varied ad creative options gives you the scope to gauge and understand audience responsiveness, thus giving you an insight about which creative generates higher interaction.

To maximize your digital marketing efforts, it is important to leverage the right strategy to track your ad campaigns. Get in touch with our digital marketing experts to add a competitive bargaining chip to your marketing efforts.

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