AEM: Value for Money and Better Customer Acquisition

AEM: Value for Money and Better Customer Acquisition

AEM: Value For Money And Better Customer Acquisition

Multi-channel customer engagement has become increasingly important for businesses in the last few years. Access to more customer touchpoints means better customer acquisition for businesses via the web, mobile phones, social media, messaging applications and other channels.

The challenge in this scenario is how can businesses efficiently streamline the processes of content creation, content management and distribution across all these channels, in order to achieve optimum customer engagement. More importantly, how can they do this while achieving value for money?

An enterprise content management system like;

Adobe Experience Manager

(AEM) is globally renowned as a tool that facilitates easy and dynamic digital asset management. The main benefit of using the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution is that it simplifies the management and delivery of cross-channel content, across the web, mobile phones, apps, social channels and more — without investing a lot of resources.

In fact, a study 1 has indicated that organizations using the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution saw substantial benefits, including 366% ROI over a three-year period, 19% higher productivity for digital asset teams, 27% faster delivery of content by digital marketing teams and 20% faster launch time for marketing campaigns.

In today’s fast-paced business environment where time is money, these attributes essentially translate into huge savings for companies. Here are some ways in which organizations can save more money by using AEM.

More personalization: The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) architecture has artificial intelligence and machine learning built into it, which enables you to achieve a great degree of personalization and target the right people at the right time through the most appropriate channels. The highly personalized digital experiences for different customers essentially mean better conversion and customer engagement. It also prevents the likelihood of unfruitful leads.

Faster delivery: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) enables you to speed up content creation and distribution. So, delivering tailor-made experiences to customers on a large scale is no longer a time-consuming task. The efficiency augments with features such as reusable content, which lets you create content one time and deliver it across multiple channels. This gives you the option of reaching out to millions of customers at a personalized level simultaneously, without having to exert extra effort or investment into the process. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) also enables you to be consistent with your content so that your brand’s personality is accurately represented.

Improved efficiency and productivity: With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), it is possible to store and manage content, and digital assets such as images or videos on the cloud. This means that teams from anywhere in the world can access these files right when they need it. Not only does this save time, it also improves efficiency and productivity.

Time-saving features: With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), you can add metadata and tags to files uploaded in the cloud. This essentially means that your teams no longer have to spend a lot of time trawling through huge amounts of data to find what they need. This enables you create content faster and get it to more people in diminished time.

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