Past And What’s In Store: Adobe Summit 2020

Past And What’s In Store: Adobe Summit 2020

Past And What’s In Store: Adobe Summit 2020

Attended by over 17,000 delegates, the Adobe Summit 2019 held at Las Vegas gave everyone in the industry a peek into the future of digital experience – from the latest in CX innovations to Adobe’s newest products and services. Some key themes that were discussed through the numerous sessions included personalization throughout the entire customer journey; using-

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

to optimize business processes and experiences; and changing consumer expectations. It was also a golden opportunity for digital marketers to associate with their peers, interact with speakers, and gain insights on strategies for customer acquisition.

Adobe Summit Insights

The event primarily focused on the need to empower the creative community, therefore encouraging people to bring their extraordinary ideas to life. Like other gatherings of technologists, “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) was at the forefront of conversations as well as content throughout the Adobe Summit 2019. The sessions largely focused on the need to engage the creative network, subsequently encouraging professionals to turn their innovative ideas into a reality. Intelligent and informative discussions that prevailed consistently across the summit ranged in three user journeys for start-up companies.

Companies who have not adopted solutions from Adobe yet.

Companies that use or have used only one Adobe product and want to understand how to use them optimally – also those looking out for new products that can be beneficial to them.

Companies that are already using more than four Adobe products and are looking to make the existing products more beneficial.

The engineers of Adobe also shared the demos of future technologies as well. The demos on Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) were vastly innovative and interesting. Next, Adobe and Marketo focused their discussion around Account-Based Marketing (ABM), which indicates that they are keen on delivering end-to-end account-based experiences for customers and for conversational ABM, thus enabling marketers to personalize every website visit.

The Adobe Summit 2019 also explained how Sensei, their artificial intelligence (AI) engine, is becoming more integrated as a principle element across their suite of products. Artificial intelligence (AI) was also the star of many of their experimental demos paired with voice and search capabilities.

Towards the end, Adobe announced strategic alliances with both Microsoft and LinkedIn to create better systems integration, gain a better understanding of targeted accounts, target audiences more easily, and power people-based campaigns.

Adobe 2020

Adobe Summit 2020 will be a conference for Magento, and Marketo users to gain insights, build skills and rethink the customer experiences. Attendees get to choose from over 400 sessions and labs. Some of the key topics to be covered at Adobe Summit 2020 include Adobe Creative Cloud, Magento, and Marketo. This will be a platform for them to gain valuable insights, tools, and techniques to keep customers engaged while simultaneously driving brand loyalty and growth.

Here are some other highlights you can look forward to:

How experience drives impact

Understand how great experiences add real returns to your company’s revenue growth, customer retention rates, and lifetime value of your customer.

Experience defines your brand

Learn how to use design and data together to create long-lasting experiences for your customers.

Experiences are in the future

Master the latest trends from the professionals in customer experience management and see how you can also achieve such skills.

The Adobe Summit 2020 will also bring together diverse professionals from different sectors including:


Agencies and system integrators


B2B marketers

Campaign managers

Commerce executives and developers

Content managers

Digital marketers

IT developers

Three communities namely Adobe Experience Cloud, Magneto and Marketo users will be under a single roof in the Adobe Summit 2020 – and the event will prove to be an enabler for those wanting to make a difference in the field.

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