5 Mistakes Hurting Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

5 Mistakes Hurting Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Today, you can find potential customers just about anywhere – online, offline, and on social media. As the number of options where people hang out have gone up, so have the avenues that you can woo them on, which is why multi-channel campaigns have become an increasingly popular way to optimize marketing.

A solution like

Adobe’s Marketo campaign management

software could be the answer to all your marketing campaign needs. Marketo marketing automation solutions can make your campaigns more effective by enabling you to tell your brand story to the right audience at the right time, and in a much shorter period of time. Need to brush up on your skills? Marketo consulting solutions can help you get the right training and support to improve your Marketo marketing automation capabilities. NVISH-certified Marketo experts can help you create smart marketing strategies that deliver the right results.

vfdgEver wondered, though, why you always seem to miss the mark even when you’re spending big bucks to create the perfect campaign for your brand? Without even realizing it, you may have let these errors creep into your multi-channel marketing campaign management.dgfhte

. Not focusing on your target audience: While it might be tempting to go for a one-size-fits-all approach, remember that successful campaigns are all about reaching the right consumer at the right time through the right channel. Not doing this would diffuse the campaign’s efficacy. So, focus on where you are likely to generate most audience interest and go with it.

. Not having a consolidated view of customer data across channels: Customer interactions take place across multiple touchpoints. Therefore, you need to have insight into customer behavior across all these touchpoints, and get a single view of the customer, that’s also dynamic.

. Not being consistent with customer experiences across channels: This is a very critical factor and any mistake here is likely to hurt your brand. So, whether the customer interaction is purely online, purely offline or a mix of the two, your intent should be to deliver a consistently awesome customer experience across all these channels.

. Not being honest: No one likes being taken for a ride and remember hell hath no fury like an angry customer, especially one who has the weapon of social media at his/her disposal, which can hurt your brand. Make sure that you stick to your strengths, are honest about the product or service, and don’t overpromise and under-deliver.

. Not playing to your strengths: Don’t be one of the several “also-rans” in the market. Instead remember to focus on your USP and build your campaign around that. In the long term, showcasing what sets you apart from others will work to your advantage.

Still not convinced? Marketo marketing solutions can offer you end-to-end assistance to manage all your campaigns, right from conversion of leads to generating reports.

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