Tech Support

Our experts manage your IT operations for you so you may focus on your core business.

Tech Support

Website maintenance and support services

Each organization has disparate requirements when it comes to ongoing web maintenance and support. To meet these diverse needs, NVISH provides a spectrum of ongoing website maintenance and support services to global clients, helping them continually grow and expand their website with changing internet trends and technologies.

Keeping your online business up and running

With the goal to maximize the value of your online investment, NVISH provides incessant support that includes bug fixing, problem analysis and resolution, and on-call support. NVISH partners with you to maintain your website environment and code base, create bug fixes and release patches, and extend custom features and functionality enhancements, along with providing re-engineering, porting, migrating and upgrade functionalities.

Maintain and support your website with NVISH website maintenance and support plans that adjust to your needs and budget. We work in sync with you to keep your website on top of the online arena.

Managing, maintaining and improving your web applications

Successful business web applications create their own challenges – demand for new functionality/features, enhanced usability, increased performance, higher reliability and connectivity to more and more applications and networks. NVISH brings a professional, proactive approach to overcome these challenges while maintaining the high standards for your website. Working as a strategic partner, NVISH provides 24×7 maintenance and support services with perfectly fitted package that is developed to match your specific needs.

  • Software maintenance and support
  • OS and server migration
  • Ongoing application maintenance and support
  • Application improvement
  • Performance tuning
  • Task/bug tracking systems deployment and customization