NVISH offers Google Search Appliance (GSA) implementation services that extend the reach of your enterprise search. GSA provides a unified access to applications, databases, intranets, hosted services and content management systems. Our implementation team embeds GSA in your business applications to provide effective and accurate search capability across internal and external data sources of an enterprise.

Optimize processes with GSA Implementation

NVISH provides optimal Google Search Appliance deployment services for various document and content management systems, custom applications and legacy systems. Our GSA implementations have enabled enterprises to optimize the business processes, thus lowering the total cost of ownership. We specialize in the deployment of Google Search Appliance, empowering global enterprises to gain fast, accurate, and easy access to information.

Google Search Appliance implementation services by NVISH include collection of definitions to categorize search results, AJAX based search solutions, Java customization for integration with GSA, and front-end servings implementation. In addition, we also focus on Jump files configuration for the URLs that contain varied crawl configurations of GSA, including GSA mirroring.

24*7 support for GSA implementations

NVISH has in-house GSA expertise, both in USA and India, to effectively configure, manage and support Google Search Appliance implementations. Our 100% success rate in GSA implementations has enabled our global clients to enhance their enterprise search capabilities. Extend the power of the Google Search Appliance, with NVISH GSA integration services and support, for rich user experience and more relevant search results.